Is Zodwa Wabantu Different from Busta 929?

Some Busta 929 fans has stood up to his defense pointing out to Zodwa Wabantu’s intimacy with a seemingly  young adult as a sufficient justification and unwitting usage of double standard towards their favorite celebrity.

This claim by Busta 929 defenders shades light on Zodwa Wabantu’s insistence of flirting with men younger than her age.

Moreover, some Zodwa Wabantus’s fans taking to social media  claims that Wabantu is different from Busta 929.


However, sources claims that the girl being flirted by Busta 929 is up to the South African sex legal age which makes the favored DJ legally free of indictment. 

Hence in the legal sense, there is no difference between the choices of Zodwa Wabantu and Busta 929.

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