South African Musicians Eulogizes Riky Rick

South  African musicians reminisces over their convivial encounters with the late music icon Riky Rick and floods several social media platforms with eulogies for him.

As the famous music star is laid to rest today, it served as the perfect opportunity for several SA artists to pay him their last respect and also pen down their last conversation and moments with the rap icon, while a few others shared photos and videos.

“A couple of weeks back you gave me a call and asked me to rock a special performance at the COTTON FEST. You sounded a little nervous on the phone.. lol, you had no idea how long I’d been waiting for that call… I felt honoured, and couldn’t hide my excitement because I admired you so much… Was looking forward to creating new memories, new music, new pics and making history with you Makhado. This has left a hole in my heart..i guess I’ll see you next lifetime,” Khuli Chana wrote.

One thing I’ve taken away from these interviews which were recorded years ago, is that Riky has always had the same message and all he wanted was for people to listen and share the love of music and the culture. Do right by others and they will do right by you,” MsCosmo said.  



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