Pabi Cooper Opens Up About Her Health After Being Admitted in the Hospital for Weeks

Pabi Cooper finally explain how she landed herself in the hospital for weeks because of fatigue.

The singer said weeks ago that she isn’t well, but she’s put out an official statement as regards her health on social media.

Pabi said her body suffered due to the many shows she performed without taking proper care of her body.

“Since the beginning of my career I’ve been passionate and excited about sharing myself with my supporters. Nothing gives me greater joy nor satisfaction than to be able to give my all. This had me doing shows back to back and delivering content at a very rapid rate without a sense of concern in regard to my physical and mental well-being,” she wrote.

After spending weeks in the hospital, she has now realized the essence of taking care of your body first before any other thing, as her body crumbled.

“As I kept pushing and breaking boundaries , my health gave in and didn’t allow me to push any further. Two weeks ago I got hospitalized and at this point I realized the benefit of taking care of self. My body fumbled to its worst condition and I went through severe pain in a hospital bed. Frustrated and devastated of never being able to do what I love again. BUT then I realized the love and grace of God as He was with me. As He comforted me and assured me of life.”

pabi cooper went further to advise other singers like her; she spoke on the matters of maintaining a good health.

“As we are chasing our dreams , let us not allow fatigue and any other health conditions to catch up to us. As much as we invest in the craft, let us invest in our health state so that we live longer. Longer to be with each other and enjoy the fruits of our labour.”

Pabi Cooper shared a video revealing  how she got treated in the hospital. Check below:

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