Gigi Lamayne Sets to Help University Students Pay Admission Fee

Gigi Lamayne embarks on the mission to help pay some students’ university admission fee.

The renowned South African rapper Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney popularly known as Gigi Lamayne has built a solid reputation for herself through her philanthropic activities towards individuals in desperate need of assistance.

Her empathetic attitude has enabled her to think up ideas on how she can help students with their university admission fee. taking to her twitter handle, the songwriter mentioned her willingness to help students and further encouraged anyone who needs her assistance to contact her. “Im Looking to pay for somebodys university admission. Hit me up. 💯” She Tweeted.

In the same Twitter thread, Gigi admitted it breaks her heart that she can’t help everyone and vowed she will come up with ideas on how she can make more money to support this quest.

I can’t help everyone. That breaks my heart. I’ll go through as many as I can. I’m so sorry for those I won’t be able to assist. I pray God grants me an idea so big, I could make money just for this cause annually.”

In a bid to raise more funds to assist university students, Gigi suggested to conducts a concert beneficial with other artists. She also opened the platform to have more ideas on how she can achieve that. “A benefit concert perhaps?? If you also have ideas, hit me up.” She Tweeted.

This isn’t the first time Gigi expressed her philanthropist side, she recently asked female DJs, artists and other talented persons to reach out to her, but she’s yet to give an update on the move she made.

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