Flex Rabanyan Ends Clash with Reason

Flex Rabanyan has finally called time on his clash with Reason. 

The two SA rap stars Flex Rabanyan (Mpumelelo Mthembu) and Reason (Sizwe Alakine) have maintained bad blood towards each for a long time and have kept their distances thus widening up the rift between them.

It all notably ensued following a tweet from Flex about how he paid a Metro FM employee pay for play, but his song wasn’t eventually aired. “Would I be wrong if I post about the guy who works at Metro FM who took R9,800 from me to playlist my song? 🤔 😂,” tweeted Flex Rabanyan.

Reason, replying to the post pointed out how faulty it was while asking if Flex would have tweeted about it if his song was aired. 

So… in other words… we wouldn’t know about this if your song was playlisted. This is like telling the cops about the robbery YOU GUYS did because your friend didn’t give you your cut. I’m really worried about you flex…” Reason responded.

Since the twitter fiasco, both rap stars have maintained a belligerent attitude towards each other with Flex composing a diss song “For Whatever Reason” which was aimed at Reason.

However, In the wake of the suicidal rate in the country, Flex Rabanyan and Reason have called to squash their beef. Riky’s death provided enough reason for Reason to reconcile with Flex. The rapper taking to twitter stated that it is time he called for a truce with the Vuzu Hustle reality show winner.



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