Dj Zinhle Learns Photography

DJ Zinhle has embarked on acquiring another skill, which is photography.

The DJ is on the mission to diversify her skillset and she’s quite passionate about her new skill, as she shared some photos on social media.

Since I started learning how to use the camera. I’ve only joy been taking pictures of Santy, Kairo, and @nomoozlie… I need more clients, ay.. paying ones also,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, the SA media personality was at one of Drip Footwear store launch, and she was there with her camera. The chairman of the brand, Lekau Sehoana was surprised seeing the DJ with camera, and he shared a photo of the DJ on Twitter.

“Wassup with @DJZinhle and the Camera these days? Now I don’t have proof it’s really her. Do you guys believe it’s her?” he wrote.

DJ Zinhle reacted to the photo affirmatively, and revealed that she’s learning photography because of her man, Murdah Bongz, so she can go with him on his “Black Motion” tour.

“Learning so I can take pictures of Murda, otherwise Black Motion won’t take me on their world tour,” she tweeted.

Lots of followers gushed over the tweet, as it revealed how sweet she is.

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