DJ Speedsta Quits Metro FM

DJ Speedsta has finally called to an end his memorable time with Metro FM – his one-time dream job.

Speedsta has played a crucial role in bringing on new artists via radio airplay and has worked on hip hop collaborations with a lot of new wave artists in SA hip hop. Taking to Instagram, the acclaimed DJ has announced to his Metro FM audience that he will no longer be part of radio DJs at the radio station.

Taking to Instagram, Speedsta stated that it is a sad day for him to announce his departure from Metro FM. The Special Somebody hitmaker recounted all the sacrifices he made during his tenure at the radio station to make sure that he represent the SA hip hop culture.

Today is a sad one for me, But an interesting one. I sacrificed my Saturday nights, sacrificed my gigs, missed plenty weddings, plenty Saturday nights, Missed a lot of time with people who care for me. I told the lord last year there’s no way I’m doing that any longer and here we are.” He wrote.

The Speedsta further gave time to appreciate all the time he had working with Loot Love and DJ Jawz and putting people on during the Absolute Hip Hop radio program. In the same post, the radio personality made it clear that he is tired of many things and he will talk about his issues in due time.

We did our thing, Me, Looty, and Jawz. Absolute Hip Hop!! Was so sad to tell auntie Merissa that this was the last invoice we’re doing.😭🙆🏽‍♂️ When I was at Y we put people on, When I was at Metro we put more people on. I’m glad I could contribute to the culture. In all honesty, I’m tired!! I’m tired of a lot of things. A story for another day. We out, Thank you and goodbye Metro FM family.🙏🏾” Wrote DJ Speedsta.

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