DBN Gogo finally reveals romantic relationship with Focalistic

JUST IN | DBN Gogo has finally made a huge revelation about his relationship with Focalistic.

The female South African DJ and Producer Mandisa Radebe popularly known as DBN Gogo revealed on Tuesday that she is in a romantic relationship with South African rapper Focalistic.   

The DJ implicitly made the announcement using a video from their Valentine’s Day celebration which left many of their fans surprised as they never showed any hint of dating.

While fans were still trying to digest the jaw-dropping revelation of their dating, it was further revealed that they have been dating since 2018.

The exact period they officially started the relationship is quite unknown, but a video of DBN celebrating Focalistic’s birthday in 2018 resurfaced on Twitter.


Some digital investigators helped in digging out the video which revealed their cosy and mushy moments before fame

“Happy birthday Space wami. I cannot wait to see you take it to the top. You inspire me in more ways than one. You deserve nothing but the best this life has to offer. Magical. Pure Brilliance. Absolutely Excellent, you are,” the DJ captioned the 2018 video which the singer reacted with:

“She made me cry… no ways.”

The video has gone viral on social media, with people expressing how unbelievable it is, for the two musicians to have been an item for four years and no drama or news about it.

DBN Gogo and Focalistic’s level of secrecy is laudable!

While many people praised their high level of privacy and maturity, some fans admired their relationship and believed they have learned something from them.

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