AKA Remains a Valuable Part of Cruz Family – Cruz Vodka Reasserts

Cruz Vodka reaffirms their collaborative partnership with South African hip-hop artist Kiernan Jarryd Forbes popularly known as AKA. 

Following the supposed dismissal of AKA’s influence on the brand, Cruz Vodka has swiftly responded to brush the claims under the carpet and restated their partnership with the rap star.  

As a brand ambassador to the company, AKA has two flavors named after him in his contract with the company. However, it reportedly turned out that the South African market received watermelon-flavored Cruz Vodka bottles with their standard, generic labeling without the AKA’s signature. Meanwhile, his influence on the brand has made his fans like the particular flavor because of his signature on the bottles.

To dispel the confusion, Cruz Vodka via their twitter handle stated it is a mistake that the bottles released into the South African market were intended to carry AKA’s brand name and was not intended for local market sale. 

The company then reaffirms that AKA remains an integral part of Cruz family and they are working to resolve any previous differences. the company hitherto apologies for any form of disappointment towards any section of their fans.

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